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posted by Mitchell J. Skurnik (MJCS) @ 2010-03-11 18:40:58 | Category: Half-Life 2 Modification
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Source: Kingdoms Collide

Release isn't that far away now, and to keep you guys drooling in anticipation we're going to throw another video your way. This time showing off the Ice elemental aspect of our magic system. Within this video you'll notice a couple other things, chief among them is our bot support. Anywyas, here it is:

At this time we'd also like to to release the dedicated server files for anyone interested in getting their own server up. For anyone new to running a dedicated server, there's also some helpful how-to files included to get you started. Grab the server files for Kingdoms Collide here on ModDB and get your server setup for release!

Download Kingdoms Collide Beta Server

Last but not least, we've setup an IRC chat over on the Gamesurge network. It's looking a little sparse right now since it's brand new, so stop by if you want to celebrate the first release of Kingdom Collide. Those in IRC will have first access to the client files, so come join #KingdomsCollide on the Gamesurge network.