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The Story

You are Gordon Freeman. You've just been assigned to work at the Black Mesa Research Facility. Upon your arrival, things are out of the ordinary. Computer crashes, hardware problems, a mysterious g-man, it's all odd. But you have to hurry! You're already running late, they're waiting for you Gordon, in the test chamber!

At the entrance of the test chamber you meet 2 scientists explaining what's going on today. You can already read from their conversation that something's not really ok. Yet you continue. The big test chamber houses a mysterious machine. Let's just hope that that resonance cascade the scientists were talking about, won't become a reality. Who knows what will happen? Ah! The test sample is ready.

Oh no! It's going critical! The sample, that purest sample, the problems! It's a resonance cascade! The ground trembles, lights flash, the alarms sounds, explosions follow. Suddenly, you find yourself somewhere else, you hear you heart pound and your breath stops dead in your throat, the only question you can come up with is: 'What the...?!'

Thus Begins Your Struggle...


1998 Game of the Year, Half-Life was developed by Valve Software. From it's release, Half-Life went on to win over 50 'Game of the Year' awards from various publications. This of course was no suprise, Half-Life introduced a whole different world to the FPS gamers, and is still a benchmark for even the most recently released games.

Furthermore, Half-Life's success didn't just fade out over time, the more creative fans in the community took it upon themselves to keep the game alive for many years by developing their own modifications, some of which were almost more of a success than the original title - can anyone say Counter-Strike?

In conclusion, Half-Life set new standards, and then proceeded to break them itself, what more can you ask for in a game?