"Counter-Strike is another modification to the great game Half-Life. This mod brings you into real life with team-oriented scenarios. It provides you with similar feelings trained counter-terrorist and terrorist units experience."

The Scenarios

There are currently three scenarios for the counter-strike gaming experience, these 3 in which 2 (Bombing missions/Hostage Rescue missions) are more popular that the others bring a great addition to the half-life expeirience.

Defusion missions

This is amongst the most popular mission/map type of counter-strike. It brings the most popular maps (de_dust, de_dust2) and many others there excitement by providing you with plenty of action.

Hostage rescue missions

This mission type brings you to such maps as cs_italy. This mission type requires you to either elimate either or as a terrorist the other team, or counter terrorist rescue the hostages and or eliminate the Terrorists.

Assasination missions

These are the so called "V.I.P." missions that make you try to kill the V.I.P. if your the terrorist or eliminate the terrorists without the V.I.P. dying.