The Story

The Academy never prepared you for this...

It seemed like just another day on the job... until fierce alien life forms came crashing through the walls and a military death squad invaded the hallways of Black Mesa. As security in this top-secret government facility, you must scramble to keep the scientists and yourself alive, as you extinguish the many hostiles attempting to take you out. It's going to be quite a day...

Half-Life has been named Game of the Year by over 50 publications and dubbed, "The best PC Game Ever" by PC Gamer. In Half-Life: Blue Shift, players are challenged to take on the role of the Black Mesa security guard and explore restricted areas of the mysterious government facility. Blue Shift also contains the Half-Life HD Pack, which automatically upgrades the weapons and characters of all the games in the Half-Life saga with new high definition content. In addition, Half-Life: Blue Shift also contains Half-Life: Opposing Force, the award winning episode that casts you as one of the military specialists assigned to eliminate Gordon Freeman.

Half-Life: Blue Shift was designed by Gearbox Software, the award-winning designers behind Half-Life: Opposing Force.

  • Return to Black Mesa as the security guard who allied with Gordon Freeman in the original, award-winning thriller.
  • Includes: Half-Life HD Pack. Automatically upgrade all your Half-Life weapons and characters with new high definition content.
  • 32-Person Multiplayer. Battle opponents from around the world in Capture the Flag and more Half-Life online games.
  • Learn more about the incidents at Black Mesa, and explore new areas of this mysterious government facility.
  • Blue Shift contains the award winning artificial intelligence, animation, and technology that made Half-Life PC Gamer's "Greatest Game of All Time."
  • Also includes: Half-Life: Opposing Force (in North America), the award-winning action thriller that places you in the boots of a military specialist assigned to eliminate Gordon Freeman.

Blue Shift Introduction provided by Sierra's Official Blue Shift.