Team Fortress Classic



Team Fortress 1.5 (TF) is Valve's new add-on for Half-Life that combines the thrilling first-person multiplayer gameplay of the original Team Fortress with Half-Life's leading edge technology. In Team Fortress 1.5, you play one of nine roles or classes, such as Medic, Soldier, or Engineer, and then join your teammates online or over a LAN to battle against enemy teams. Each class has unique weapons, items, abilities, and style of play.

Team Fortress 1.5 brings the social multiplayer gaming experience to new heights. The varying strengths and playing styles of each class and the different objectives for each map encourage you and your teammates to work together and add a level of strategy and interaction to TFC that you don't find in other first-person multiplayer action games.

Team Fortress 1.5 is based on the original Team Fortress mod that took the action gaming community by storm in 1996. TF's features include:

  •  New sounds and weapons
  • Enhanced graphics
  • New models for classes and weapons
  • New maps from popular mapmakers
  • An updated user interface that makes finding and joining games easy and intuitive
  • A new in-game Command Menu Interface

If you're interested, you can take a look at the original Team Fortress homepage.