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posted by Mitchell J. Skurnik (MJCS) @ 2010-03-10 19:22:15 | Category: Half-Life 2 Modification
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Source: Ham and Jam

The Bren is a great weapon for providing heavy support fire on the move but its small magazine size and accuracy doesn’t lend itself to prolonged periods of defence. This is where the MG34 excels.

As I said last month, we plan to have more and more videos up in the coming weeks and months in the build up to release. This first video shows a bit of rifle action, however I’m a rubbish rifle shot so take that into consideration.

Next we have some footage of the MG34 providing forward support for the German advance on haj_mercury, note however haj_mercury is heavily WIP:

Other aspects of the mod have progressed well over the last month as well, with SteveUK implementing numerous minor yet essential features, such as team specific blocking entities giving warnings as to why you are being stopped. This has hugely cut down on the amount of “wtf?” reports we’ve been getting from our testers as now you have some clear visual feedback on why you are being stopped. Other minor stuff includes better implementation of the vaulting and deploy systems along with relevant icons to indicate whether you can or cannot use the ability. Again this cuts down on the “wtf, why can’t I vault?” reports.

Jed has been scratching his head over our helmet system and is in the final stages of implementing a new revised system. Originally the helmets were included in the model and toggled via a model group, a simple but effective system. However with more and more helmets being added it was getting annoying have to recompile the player model every time a new helmet model or helmet skin was added. Now the models are attached to the player models in realtime and can be shot/blown off in a more realistic fashion. This also allows a much easier implementation and the possibility for future customisation.

mXed has been busy at work with his college work which has been…working on HaJ. He managed to wrangle one of his self directed study modules to essentially be for HaJ and has knocked out a ton of new content in a short space of time. We don’t think anything of it will be in 1.0 but we can’t be sure (hence the lack of details here to minimise moaning when it doesn’t turn up). When it does arrive however it will certainly give you more toys to kill people with and other player models to use.

Map wise both myself and surgeon have been hard at work finalising all our maps for 1.0 which includes the ever tedious clipping stage. Some of the testers have been very sneaky and been getting out the maps so we’ve fully clipped the maps to stop that happening.

More next month.