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posted by Mitchell J. Skurnik (MJCS) @ 2009-08-02 01:44:29 | Category: Site News
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Half-Life Gaming.com is currently looking for help in the following areas:
News Posting
  • Probably why most of you enjoy coming to this site is/was the constant update of news. Now you can post the news like I enjoy doing or summarize the news post and also quote a bit from the mod. Keen writing and communication skills are a must in this position as well as a broadband internet connection to upload pictures.

File Uploads
  • Something that HLG has been lacking for some time is a nice selection of downloads. You would be responsible of obtaining, uploading and cataloging files pertaining to Half-Life and related subject matter. A broadband connection is required for this position like all of the others.

Content Reviews
  • You can be a news poster, file uploader and do content review or just do content reviews; it does not matter. What does matter is knowledge of the community, what is going on, excellent communication skills and most importantly, great writing skills. With this position you would also be working with me to keep all of the other non-news pages up-to-date.

Some other things to consider before e-mailing me
  • Are you able to dedicate a few hours every week to doing your job?

  • Are you mature and professional enough to be working here? (You must be 18 or older)

  • Able to have fun with this?

If so, please e-mail me at mjcs@hlgaming.com and please include all information that is needed for the task you would like to help out in. (For the file upload position please provide a sample summary of a file and for all other positions a sample news post or review of a mod (one paragraph is fine) will do.)

Thank you all and I hope to be hearing from you soon.