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posted by Mitchell J. Skurnik (MJCS) @ 2005-12-26 13:30:18 | Category: Half-Life 2
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Source: ZHTL 3
This is an Open Beta to anyone that wish's to test the ZHLT 3 Series Tools on there 64 Bit System.

ZHLT Is the official third party complier for Half Life 1 based level designers, and this 64 bit build shows the commitment of the community programmers working on the ZHLT 3 Project.

Along with the 64 Bit build there is a nice addition for those that Work on SOHL Levels, with Cpt_Andrew adding an env_sky fix to the code.

So please take part in the open beta by downloading the tools direct at... http://ammahls.com/index.php?page=downloadcat&cat=tools