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posted by Mitchell J. Skurnik (MJCS) @ 2005-06-06 13:53:24 | Category: Half-Life 2
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Source: The Snarkpit
It's time for our yearly mapping competition, and it's our first for the Source engine! So fire up your copy of Steam and make sure those displacement-surface and smoothing group skills are up to scratch.

Aim: Simply make something "unreal": a place or situation that you simply wouldn't ever find yourself fighting over if World War 3 were ever to come around. Think "surreal" or "abstract" or "mind-bending" though, rather than just "futuristic" or "unlikely." Something out of the depths of your warped mind or dreams, or inspired by a work of art, or perhaps just how you picture a particularly strange or grand scene in a fantasy/sci-fi book. We're NOT looking for more Combine bases or warehouses or embattled towns, or killboxes with purple lights, or anything else resembling anything in Half-Life 2 or in real life (past, present or possible future, unless heavily distorted).

Ideas: The map doesn't necessarily have to be surreal: if you don't feel like a map-making god or don't have access to loads of custom textures, try creating a miniature (or macroture) Rats! style level (though try to base them around/inside objects, rather than rooms in your house!). You could try making a fantasy setting (e.g. DM Avalon) or a crazy space setting (e.g. DM Tribute) or a dream-world setting (e.g. Max Payne dream sequences). Just make something crazy that isn't very realistic, but yet is still a playable deathmatch level; if you're unsure, ask in our forums. The size of the map doesn't matter, but you should aim to make it be fun for 8+ players.

Judging: Graphical and gameplay aspects of the map will be judged, along with how original and exciting the theme is. As ever, there will also be a 'popular' vote where the peons of this website pick their favourite.

Prizes: Prizes are yet to be announced, but at the very least there will a new console/PC game for the winner. The best maps will also go onto permanent rotation on our HL2DM server.

Deadline: All submissions must be in by 23:59 GMT on Sunday 14th August 2005. You've got plenty of time, so the deadline is strict.

  • You can base your level off concept art or sculptures if you wish, but reproductions of film scenes or other peoples maps or other games aren't allowed.

  • Custom textures, models, skyboxes etc. are allowed.

  • You are allowed to enter up to 2 levels.

  • Maps must be playable HL2 deathmatch levels, and be fully compiled with no (obvious) errors.

  • Maps must be be submitted in a .ZIP or .RAR file with a readme, and should be listed in your profile by the deadline.

  • The editor's decision (i.e. Leperous') is final.