Review of dm_Quicksand

Review of dm_Quicksand. By Gimpinthesink.

[05 July 2004]
Half-Life Deathmatch
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BSP Name: dm_Quicksand
Mod Name: Half-Life Multiplayer (Deathmatch)
Author: KIIIA
Objective: Deathmatch
Players: 1-20
Visuals: 7/10
Gameplay: 8/10
Technical: 8/10
Overall: 8/10
The Map Review

This is a well made map it looks and plays beautifully its one of the best new deathmatch levels I have played in quite a while.

This texture set is one of my favorites and it has made an appearance on a few of the really good maps and this is no exception it makes you feel as though you are somewhere in Egypt and fighting around some lost area. Although there are a few misaligned textures as you can see in the picture but not too many to notice.

The Lighting has be done well and is pleasing to the eye as it's no to dark in those little crevices and not to bright when your out in the open although saying that there are a couple of spots where it could do with being just a tad brighter but not much.

The weapons are well balanced and placed nicely so you wont ever be out of ammo and makes for some fun battles.

With a map of this size you might think that there are some major flaws in it like repetitive texturing, bad weapon placement or boring, bulky construction but there aren’t in fact the textures are very well chosen, the weapons are very well placed and the construction is excellent and you can get some really good up and down battles going on in this map.

The only problems I have with this map are that there is a couple of misaligned textures and that there are a couple of spots that could do with being a bit brighter.