Interview with K-Dub about SecurityServ

This is an interview with Kent "K-Dub" Williams, the head programmer for SecurityServ, a brand new GamesNet services. Here is more information about it.

[09 July 2003 - 20:30 PDT GMT-8] Can you give me a little bit of information about yourself?

K-Dub: I am the head coder of SecurityServ, as well as owner with Element. I have been programming for around 8 years now, only one year with C#, the language we are using for SecurityServ. I own a programming consulting group (#Script) which is doing very well too. What is the purpose for SecurityServ?

K-Dub: The purpose of SecurityServ is to reduce the dramatically rising level of Spam and advertising on GamesNET. As owner of #Script I have seen hundreds, if not thousands, of people ask for anti-Spam or anti-advertising scripts, and I have seen tons of good ideas. SecurityServ's aim is to take all of those great ideas I've seen over the years into a single "God-like" bot which can handle the networks top channels. What kind of information does it collect and how is it stored?

K-Dub: It currently logs all channel data up to one hour, and permanently logs misc. stats for each user (Permeate if you are +x, temporary if you are not), such as lines/words/letters/colors, etc. We store all of this data via MSSQL 7.0, which is designed for high-level database transactions. What features do you plan on adding?

K-Dub: Aside from the basic anti-Spam & anti-advertising features, which aren’t that basic, we are adding several 'misc' features such as clone detection, idler detection, global "problem users", and more. How do users register a channel with the bot?

K-Dub: A (co)owner may request their channel to participate in the SecurityServ beta program by visiting the forum link located in the #SecurityServices topic. When the service is out of beta, and available to the public, users will be able to simply register on our website which we will have intergraded into the staff's mIRC. What operating system(s) can it run on?

K-Dub: Currently it can run on Windows XP or Windows.NET 2003 Server. When the .NET Framework is released for *nix (or other operating systems), it will be able to run on those platforms as well; Since we chose to use .NET, we are platform independent as long as the OS supports the .NET Framework. How can users contact you?

K-Dub: Users should not contact me directly unless they are involved with the beta program, they should visit #SecurityServices on and talk to one of our public relations staff members, who have the time and the knowledge to answer almost any question; If they do not know an answer, then they'll direct you to me, or ask me to tell you. I can be reached via e-mail easier at as another alternative. How will this help the gaming community?

K-Dub: With less spam and advertising in the networks top channels, it will bring back the pleasent talking that everyone has at one time enjoyed. How long have you been planning this project?

K-Dub: Around 1.5 months...we've been planning it for probebly around 6 months. Thank you for your time and effort into coding SecurityServ and helping out the gaming community.