Interview with Jobabob

I got to interview jobabob from jobabob maps. This is the first interview that he has done
[13 July 2003 - 15:15 PDT GMT-8] Tell us a bit about yourself.

Jobabob: I’m Edward Steele, 20, long term mapper (about 8 years for various games) and computer science student at Lancaster University in the UK. How long have you been mapping for Half-Life?

Jobabob: Pretty much since it began, Id been mapping for quake and its sequel for a few years and decided to move onto half-life when the SDK was released. Which editor(s) do you use?

Jobabob: For the full mapping experience I use Hammer 3.4, Milkshape for any models, Paint Shop Pro for my textures and Goldwave for those audio delicacies. Do you do work on mods as well?

Jobabob: I've been offered a few jobs for Halflife2 mods, but unfortunately I've always been slow on the uptake when it came to mods for the original. I made a map for the ancient goldeneye mod, but that was about it. So I suppose no I don’t then! At least not yet. What is your favorite HL mod and why?

Jobabob: Natural Selection. Some of the best mapping I’ve seen in any half-life mod by far and the most original design/interface. Third person strategy works so well in clan based games, proper team play! NS also comes with a great texture set, essential to creating a quality map. How long did it take for you to buy Half-life when it was released?

Jobabob: Technically I never bought half-life, it came as a bundle a few months after it was released! What's inside your head for mapping?

Jobabob: Flowing Venetian canals, most of world war 2, prefabs, large outdoor areas, a random jumble of ideas that came to me in dreams and a total disregard for how people will view the map. I map for myself alone, purely for the joy of mapping.