Interview with C-132

Citizen-132 Public Design Meeting
[14 September 2003 - 12:00 PDT GMT-8]
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Crackerjack: Today we will be discussing the Promo-Movie, info on the HL2 version and Future press releases and then on to questions from the public. The news site REPS. will be invited to press release channel to get exclusive pics and interviews.
Daan will now tell you about the movie and what we plan to do. Other team members will then tell you what they are doing to complete this movie

DaanO: ok conscript reporting!
Well, the basic idea was that we would make it as some kind of teaser, but after i wrote the script, stephen and I agreed we could use it as a prequel movie. It's basically about the whole history of whatever is going on in our pretty little Austrian village.

Crackerjack: Anyways the movie will be using scripted sequences in be released as an AVI file
Currently we believe that releasing the movie in HL1 will give us an idea of what we are doing and how the official product will turn out

DaanO: Well i did write the script, including camera work, descriptions of environments, some concept art, facial expressions, everything for it, but i don't want to tell too much about the actual content of it. The main storyline can be found in a previous interview we had with Timmay. Besides that we can't tell too much about it

Crackerjack: We plan to release the movie sometime before Hl2

taco241: you may have seen several concept illustrations of our key players, the oxymentor, the mobygenic, as well as the main character. The movie will demonstrate, and showcase some of these characters, as well as some new ones

Crackerjack: the date is classified and you will be notified a week before

taco241: It'll also be an introduction to the tone and atmosphere of the game

taco241: we will be releasing new concept illustration leading up to the release of the movie, in the next several weeks

Crackerjack: Snozzle, Daan, Tom and I will now discuss what we plan to do and what we have done for the HL2 version. This includes model statistics, map statistics, special features and other specs

Snoozle: For hl2 we shall have many different gun types, all high poly compared to what you'd expect in the original half-life

Snoozle: So far poly counts have been Around 3000 for our first versions, but are likely to change as we develop our weapons

taco241: BTW a final weapons list will be compiled by myself .

Snoozle: We will be making use of all the new features in hl2, including complex animations etc
All models will be highly detailed and replicas to the real world versions and will fit in with the time the mod is set around, and of course the location.

Crackerjack: We plan on utilizing the realism effect and putting some experiment weapons in the game, we don't want this to be a CS copy at all
Tom will now discus future concept art and where he gets his ideas

taco241: in fact we're staying away form the standard CS set of weapons most of my ideas are planned out carefully with team corroboration. The creatures are carefully planned out and go through several concept stages. I will release model template versions of all creatures for use by our modelers in the near future but you can get basic idea of what the atmosphere of the game, and what the scale of the enemies will be like

Crackerjack: He also has been doing some create level concept work for us with model concepts in them.

taco241: expect to see some more unusual and twisted creatures released within the next few weeks

Crackerjack: Daan has also created some concept art for mountains in the map that will involve one of our great feature the snowboard

taco241: which will be a multiplayer "vehicle"

Crackerjack: well what we are looking for in the map is extreme detail along with a very moody setting utilizing the new lighting system HL2 has.  we can create extremely realistic environments and shadows  And thanks to our wonderful sound director who could not join us today (Prime)
we have high quality sounds to set the ambience of the map. We are have a mix of indoor and large outdoors scenes.

taco241: as a note, this is an unscripted meeting and we invite all your comments and questions, particularly on weapons (as we're working on modeling them now).

Crackerjack: We have also decided to utilize the vehicle ability in our maps with certain chase scenes which we think the player will have to must fun in. We also have some certain scenes that have been discussed before such as:
The player comes in and noticed a Mobygenic on a flatbed lying there looking seeming more or less dead the player then goes into the next room and the door is locked. The player then goes back to the room and notices the Mobygenic is no longer there this is an example of some of scenes that will be in Citizen-132
Some of the features we are doing is the Oxymentor will be able to climb walls and hide in the shadows till the player arrives and because of his strength he is able to jump to enormous heights

taco241: essentially, we want to emphasize a sense of "realism" in this mod. From the very interactive open environment that will invite the player to explore and to find another direction to his goal, rather than being led down a corridor, as well as the real-world texturing in the player's environment. you will be drawn into the character's world.

DannO: yes. you don't have to go through the door. maybe using something to take away the snow in front of the cellar window and getting in a building through that will work as well

taco241: snow and wind effects will imitate to perfect accuracy that of a real mountain scene

Crackerjack: We would like to now take questions one at a time. Thank you

ChibiGuy: okay about the multi poly would it slow down the procession of the processors?

Snoozle: Well hl2 player models that come with the game will be many more

ChibiGuy: would too many poly's make the computer or game crash if it can not be handled by os?

DaanO: well citizen won't be playable on your 486 eh :)

Crackerjack: No

DaanO: very polygon needs to be rendered, and takes CPU time

Snoozle: We will not be using an amount of polys that will crash your computer

ChibiGuy: okay I have a suggestion about the weapons :D

ChibiGuy: have something such as a teleportor or some sort...

mikethemaster: yea I was going to say is there a way to limit the polys depending on your system and scale it appropriately

Crackerjack: Yes

ChibiGuy: okay

mikethemaster: which is basically the hl2 limiter?

mikethemaster: I think when you say "space-age" you shouldn't do too futuristic weapons but do weapons that are in a stage of development

Crackerjack: Chibi: Stop handing out cooking people are getting fat!

taco241: since the game will be set partly in a research facility, there will be weapons other than your typical firearms with metal projectiles but we won't be releasing that info just yet until we are sure

mikethemaster: you should try and implement inanimate objects as projectiles, missiles and bashing weapons

ChibiGuy: I want to ask a question about the cars

Crackerjack: yes we were thinking about that

taco241: some suggestions were adrenaline tranq guns, and single-use weapons

Crackerjack: Thank you everyone for coming.

From all of us here at City 17, I would like to thank the Citizen-132 team for allowing us to interview them, and for hosting the Dev Chat today. I am really looking forward to seeing what this MOD will become and how it will turn out. I can say from the information I got today, Citizen-132 is definitely shaping up to be one of the most anticipated MODs known about to date.

The team would like to thank Citizen-132 for their generosity of allowing us have this interview take place. We can not wait for HL2 and the release of this mod in the coming months. This mod will surely give other mods a run for their money.

On behalf of I would like to thank you all for hosting this great DEV chat, great information has bene released and this mod is bye far one of the greatest Half-Life 2 mods out there and I'm looking forward to it's release.