Interview with the dod mapper Arcturus

[C]Zer0: What’s is your name?

Arcturus: My name is Bryan (Arcturus) Schurko

[C]Zer0: When did you start playing dod?

Arcturus: I started playing dod back in the days of alpha 6.x A time that most people have forgotten.

[C]Zer0: What was your first map?

Arcturus: My first map was a stupid CS map that was called cs_university, obviously it wasn't well designed, nor did it look anything like a University.

[C]Zer0: What was your first dod map?

Arcturus: My first dod map would be dod_oslo. I began working on it as soon as I heard about dod. After I showed some pictures of the map I was granted the dod alpha download. This took off from there.

[C]Zer0: Why did you want to map for dod?

Arcturus: I had always been interested in ww2 though I never had a real reason to learn about it. Dod offered me to work on something I enjoyed. It also offered me a learning experience. That I will never forget, plus it looked good

[C]Zer0: Do you think xerent is the master of mapping or the master at confusion? Arcturus: I would have to say confusion; I can never understand the guy. One day he is talking about how he loves Moses, the next he is posting pictures of himself in startrek uniforms. Perhaps it is the Swedish way...

[C]Zer0: Do you think your new map will be a big hit?

Arcturus: Well I can only hope. I can say to you that the dod team enjoyed it a lot. I remember when we were testing it; we played for oh 1.5-2 hrs straight. If they liked it, hopefully the masses will. I've gone to great lengths to make dod_forest appealing to people.

[C]Zer0: how did you react to dod_stuka being taking out of beta 4?

Arcturus: Due to my respect for both the dod team and 3dmike/mawibse I do not wish to state my opinion. I do however believe that it is a very ambitious map. Mawibse/3dmike should be very proud of their creation.

[C]Zer0: Can you give any beta 4 information out, like how Waldo is?

Arcturus: I can't say anything you don't know already. Even if I could say, I couldn't give you much information since valve/dod team have kept things such as release dates secrets. I can however tell you there are many surprises that you can expect from beta4 that you don't know already. Oh how I wish I could you tell you. I guess you will just have to wait and see.

[C]Zer0: How many hours do you stay on the computer?

Arcturus: It all depends. Some days when I have nothing to do I can be on as much as 5-8. Some days I do not go on at all.

[C]Zer0: hmm, Are you in college yet or still in high school?

Arcturus: I am in grade 12. I plan on going to college ASAP. That means much less mapping :)

[C]Zer0: Well thanks for you time.

Arcturus: No problem